Data transfer & backup

Whether you are simply looking to backup your computer or laptop, or maybe transfer data between systems, the ‘Samsung M3 1TB USB 3.0 Slimline Portable Hard Drive’ is a great device.

It’s small, light, has a decent capacity and powered via the USB connector, is easy and convenient to use.

I’ve used these on several IT contract jobs, mainly transferring data from older laptops or desktop systems onto new ones. Invariably the old system would be running Win XP and the new one Win 7 so it avoids compatibility issues of attempting to get the two Operating Systems (OS) to ‘speak to each other’ over a network. Depending on the network characteristics that way can sometimes be slow and hogs the bandwidth on limited capacity networks too. Using a portable drive simply cuts the hassle.

At home I have a policy of not storing any data on the same drive as the OS as I’ve been burned in the past by hard disk drive (HDD) failures or OS being corrupted that required fresh installation. Keeping data external to the drive that has the OS means working with a clean slate when reinstalling and allows immediate access to important data such as business folders and photographs. either on a fresh installation or on another device.

Of course it is important that at least one backup is made of crucial data in addition to the working files and a frequent backup regime operated to avoid loss when the inevitable happens.

Flash pen drives can be useful but this has enormous capacity at a very affordable price in a very compact size.