To drone or not?

The availability and reducing cost of Ready To Fly (RTF) drones is making them more widely accessible to more people.

Every techie person is fascinated with them. But is this a good thing?

What are the issues here?
I think there is a general resentment of the continual surveillance systems that spy on us everywhere. People only just tolerate it because it is done in the name of safety and security, plus it is anonymous and should never be published anywhere, unless a crime is committed.
With drones, they are not essential, can be operated by anyone and who knows what might be done with the footage?
Many people already resent photographers who take photos/video of them in public places and then publish them on social media, photo sites and YouTube. These are not a crime but there are those who will do what they can to inhibit or intimidate us poor photographers.
We live in a world of noise and something buzzing around overhead invading our space and relatively tranquil places is another unwelcome intrusion.
There could also be a mistrust of the safety of the equipment and the skills of the pilot.
Combine all these and perhaps some others I’ve missed and it is a recipe for big resentment against drones and their users.
As well as being a photographer I am interested in everything technological including things that fly so to me the concept of drones is great. I would love one and would use it responsibly. But what is responsible? It may mean different things to different people and there are too many idiots who simply don’t know what responsible means in any form.
The proliferation from increased availability, promotions, improved capabilities and lower costs will probably mean our pleasant strolls along country lanes, coastal paths and soaking up the sun in the sand dunes, will be disturbed by the buzz from a squadron of drones. It has already been demonstrated that certain members of the public will try to swat them like wasps out the sky in whatever way they can, by fair means or by foul.
I think it is only a matter of time before there is some sort of legislation to inhibit or control the use of drones. Part of me will welcome that as it should hopefully weed out the idiots and keep the numbers down. Another part of me fears it may have implications for general photography which may become more restricted – collateral damage.
It’s always the few who spoil it for everyone else.
But wouldn’t it be great to own one?